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Welcome to girabee

Create your own metaverse planet with your smart phone camera.

Metaverse meets Broadcast IP
Make a metaverse with your favorite IP

Check out the available IPs released by our partners at girabee and learn how to use them. Your own metaverse becomes more valuable.

Smart Phone Video to Metaverse
Copy the Earth with your smart phone video and save it on a metaverse

If you want to make a shareable metaverse map of your real-life space, open your smartphone camera app and film the space. Your experiences and moments will forever be recorded on the metaverse and will be delivered to countless people. Take part in inspiration by recording moments throughout the world.

Avatar Coloring Card
Design your own avatar

Color the avater drawn on the paper card and take a picture, you can complete your own metaverse avatar. With your own design, you can travel around the Metaverse world with your friends and make a profit by selling your avatar to the market.

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