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Learn about girabee's digital twin technology and grow together.

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girabee Introduction

Girabee is a group of Photogrammetry experts with over 15 years of experience. Through our journey, we researched and developed a method to bring digital twins to the Metaverse with speed and accessibility in mind. Now, we want to bring this method to everyone, and grow this new space together. We welcome individuals and companies alike, and hope to continue forth on this journey together with everyone.



3D Mesh




Step 01

Shoot a Video

Learn about the filming process by using the guide provided by girabee, and be able to film the space you want with a mobile phone. Depending on the level of your subscription, the maximum length of your videos you are able to upload will vary.

Step 02

Upload the Video

Download the app, find the plus button in the bottom center, and upload your video. A link to the converted 3D mesh will be sent to your email.

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Step 03

Edit 3D Mesh

Edit the converted 3D mesh using Blender Add-on provided by girabee. You will need at least a commercial license in order to use the editing tool.

Step 04


Bring your creation to projects using other development tools, such as Unity or Unreal Engine. You can develop projects more easily with the resets provided by girabee.

Step 05

Publish to girabee


Upload the completed Metaverse map to girabee and earn rewards. girabee makes it easy to share your creations with users from all over the world.

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Be Our Ally

We are Supporting
Digital Twin Correspondent

Girabee aims to support one digital twin correspondent in every region of the world. If you would like to know the conditions and methods of application, please send us an email.



3D Mesh


What is Digital Twin Correspondent?

We are digital twin correspondents for the upcoming Metaverse era.

Just as a journalist reports on a battle at the forefront, a Digital Twin Correspondent is the first on the scene to observe and capture a space, helping to bring forward the inception of a burgeoning Metaverse world, in all its wonder and tumult.

Our goal is to create a digital twin of the world, and that will require the power of thousands of correspondents from all

over the world. Come join us and be our ally, as we embark on this task together.

“If you want to tell the true story you have to be there”

- Goran Tomasevic -

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